Suchana Seth Kills Son, Pscyhological Exam For Bengaluru CEO Who Allegedly Killed Son: Sources

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New Delhi:

Suchana Seth – the Bengaluru CEO accused of killing her four-year-old son amid a custody dispute with her husband – will undergo a routine medical examination later today, sources told NDTV Thursday morning. Ms Seth, 39, will also be given a psychological examination, police sources said, as authorities try to unravel the sequence of events between the time she and her son checked into a north Goa service apartment – on January 6 – and her arrest in Karnataka over 48 hours later, with the child’s body in a bag.

Late Wednesday police sources told NDTV Ms Seth shows “no remorse” over her son’s death. In fact, sources said Ms Seth, in police custody till next week, has been “non-cooperative” so far. 

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She has, so far, also failed to explain why she attempted suicide – there were slash marks on her wrist. The police believe Ms Seth tried to kill herself after the “premeditated” murder – a theory based on recovery of two empty bottles of cough syrup from the service apartment – of the boy.

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During interrogation Ms Seth said she had no idea how her son died, insisting he was alive when she went for a nap and dead when she woke. However, a senior police officer dismissed the explanation.

Ms Seth has, though, confessed to an estranged relationship with her husband, PV Venkat Raman, who was in Indonesia during the time of the child’s death. They are understood to be in the final stages of  divorce, and police believe a court order granting him visitation rights upset her enough to kill the child. 

Ms Seth, who had sought Rs 2.5 lakh per month as maintenance after the divorce – has also accused Mr Raman of domestic violence in a separate case filed in August last year, after which he was served a restraining order forbidding contact, physical or otherwise, with his wife.

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Mr Raman, whom the police will summon to join the investigation in two-three days, has denied the domestic abuse charges, which include claims he physically assaulted both Ms Seth and their son, whose name has been withheld as a mark of respect and who was laid to rest in Bengaluru on Wednesday.

Ms Seth was arrested in Karnataka’s Chitradurga district after hotel staff called Goa Police on finding a bloodstained towel in her room. Police later said they had been helped by a traffic jam, caused by an accident, on the Goa-Bengaluru route that held up her cab, giving them time to work out initial details.

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