Man Finds Seat Cushion Missing On IndiGo Flight, Airline Responds

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Man Finds Seat Cushion Missing On IndiGo Flight, Airline Responds

The airlines took note of the same and expressed regret.

A man recently took to social media and shared his harrowing experience with Indigo Airlines. Revs, an X (formerly Twitter) user, shared a picture of a missing seat cushion on an IndiGo flight. According to him, the flight was already delayed by one and a half hours. On top of it, the passengers were made to wait so that the staff could bring seat cushions. However, the user did not specify the flight number, route or seat number. The airlines took note of the same and expressed regret. 

“On an Indigo flight and the flight doesn’t have f****** seats.  We are waiting for them to bring in the bloody seats so we can sit. This for a flight that’s already 90 minutes delayed. F****** hell,” he said on the microblogging website along with a picture.

Responding to the same, IndiGo said, “Hi, we deeply regret to note this. We request you to kindly share your PNR via DM so we may look into this further. -Team IndiGo”

Since being shared, the post has amassed 31,000 views on the microblogging website.

“Another ‘strategy’ to get the passengers pay for the actual ‘seat’? Sorry! But it is too ridiculous & funny,” said a user.

A user added, “They now charge extra for every seat you select. Earlier it was only for window seats.”

“@Ryanair has competition,” remarked a person.

“IndiGone Airlines,” said a fourth user.

“Yes, you bought a flight ticket, but did you ‘buy’ a seat? #Indigo has anyway given you a seatbelt for free, And you’re still complaining?!” a user responds sarcastically.

A user shared his experience with airlines and stated, “This reminds me, I was on an IndiGo flight recently and there was a life jacket on my seat. I checked under the seat, and it was not mine so told the cabin crew and they put it in the overhead bin. So perhaps one passenger didn’t have their assigned life jacket, for the flight.”

The incident comes days after the airline fixed rates per seat. It said that passengers will have to pay Rs 2,000 for front row seats having more legroom in budget operator IndiGo.

For an A321 aircraft with 222 seats, selecting a window or aisle seat on the front row will cost Rs 2,000. It is Rs 1,500 for the aisle seat in the same row. For the second and third rows, all seat types have a flat rate of Rs 400. The charges are the same for an A321 plane that has 232 seats and also for an A320 aircraft with 180 seats, according to the airline’s website.

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