Woman Run Over By SUV In Jaipur Was Killed Trying To Defuse A Fight

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Police said the incident was the result of a drunken fight.


A 25-year-old who lost her life after being run over by an SUV in Jaipur became the victim of a drunken altercation she was trying to defuse, police said. 

Two men, who were acquaintances, had got into an argument while they were drinking at the hotel, and the matter escalated when they stepped out. The woman – who was a friend of one of the men – tried to intervene, but the other man got into a car and ran them both over, killing her on the spot.

The CCTV footage of the incident, which took place on Tuesday, has been widely shared, leaving the city in shock.

Police said Uma Suthar, who worked at an event management company, had gone to the hotel in the Jawahar Circle area with her friend, Rajkumar. One of Rajkumar’s acquaintances, Mangesh Arora, also went there a little later. 

Rajkumar and Arora, who were both drinking, got into an argument. Officials said that, by the time they came out of the hotel, it was around 5.30 am on Tuesday. The fight between the two escalated and Uma tried to step in to defuse the situation, but Arora got into his SUV and rammed both Rajkumar and her. While Uma died on the spot, Rajkumar was injured

Police said Uma’s father is a carpenter and the family, which also consists of her younger brother and sister, depended on her earnings to a large extent.

Arora’s father is a spice trader in Haryana and he was living alone in a flat in Mother Teresa Nagar. Arora’s neighbours said they are shocked that he could do such a thing.

“We are investigating the incident, which was the result of a drunken fight. We are also speaking to the people in the hotel to understand the sequence of events,” said Deputy Commissioner of Police Gyan Chand Yadav.

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