Woman At PM Modi Event In Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi:

She is in a wheelchair but says that she doesn’t care and intends to enjoy herself. The elderly woman has travelled from Dubai to be a part of ‘Ahlan Modi’ (Hello, Modi) event in Abu Dhabi.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi received a rousing welcome as he arrived in Abu Dhabi today. The Prime Minister was welcomed by UAE President Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. The two leaders shook hands and hugged each other.

“My motivation is love for my country because I love Bharat. From 48 years I am here then also dil is Hindustani. So knee surgery and all is khali vali (not important) and I don’t care,” the woman in wheelchair told NDTV when asked about her motivation.

“From two days I was thinking what to wear… See my nails, my rings, my bindi, my scarf, everything, total Hindustani,” she added underscoring her point.

PM Modi is set to address the Indian diaspora at “Ahlan Modi” event. Organised by the Indian community in Abu Dhabi, the event has gathered unprecedented attention, with over 65,000 registrations, reflecting the overwhelming response from the Indian expatriate community.

“I will enjoy. I will dance in wheelchair, no problem,” the woman told NDTV, flashing a big smile.

The Indian expatriate community of approximately 3.5 million is the largest ethnic community in the UAE, constituting roughly 35 per cent of the country’s population.

President of the Indian People Forum and leader of the ‘Ahlan Modi’ initiative, Jitendra Vaidya, expressed his happiness and anticipation for the ground-breaking event.

“Our gates are yet to open, but people are already standing at each gate of this stadium. I can say this with guarantee that whenever people will remember a public event of PM Modi outside the country, ‘Ahlan Modi’ will be remembered as a landmark event,” he told news agency ANI.

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