Terrifying ”Mosquito Tornado” Sweeps Through Residential Areas In Pune, Sparks Panic

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The terrifying situation has sparked panic amongst residents

Several videos have surfaced on social media capturing an unusual phenomenon – dubbed as a ”mosquito tornado”, swirling over Pune’s Mutha river. The videos, captured in the Mundhwa, Keshavnagar, and Kharadi areas of the city, showcase a towering mass of mosquitoes taking over the skies. 

The terrifying situation has sparked panic amongst residents, who complain that they have been facing a lot of problems due to the mosquito menace. People living in luxurious high-rise buildings in these posh areas have been confined to their homes, and are unable to open their balcony doors. Even gardens and parks are off-limits for children.

Several residents took to social media to voice their concerns, urging authorities to take action and clean up the affected area. Many pointed out that the breeding of mosquitoes is a potential spot for numerous health hazards and other diseases like malaria, dengue, and even chikungunya.

Notably, the menace is attributed to an increased water level in the Mula-Mutha River in Kharadi. Though Pune Municipal Corporation started the task of removing excess water two days ago, the situation is still not under control. The situation is particularly dire along the riverbed, impacting various establishments, including skyscrapers, IT park premises, schools, sports stadiums, old age homes, crematoriums, and the local villages. 

In addition, the riverbed also has a small dam as well as a water treatment plant. The water flow has slowed down due to these projects, leading to water accumulation, which in turn provides an ideal environment for mosquitoes to breed.

Tornadoes like this have previously been reported from Central America and Russia usually during the rainy season.

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