Sonia Gandhi On Rajya Sabha Move

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'Can't Contest Lok Sabha Due To Health': Sonia Gandhi On Rajya Sabha Move

Congress leader Sonia Gandhi today announced that she will not contest the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, citing health concerns. Mrs Gandhi yesterday filed her nomination papers from Rajasthan for the Rajya Sabha polls.

“Due to health and increasing age, I will not contest the next Lok Sabha elections. After this decision, I will not get the opportunity to serve you directly, but, certainly, my heart and soul will always be with you,” Mrs Gandhi said. 

Mrs Gandhi entered active politics in 1999 when she was elected as a Member of Parliament (MP) from Amethi. Her subsequent rise saw her become the Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha and later, in the 2004 general elections, she won from Rae Bareli.

In a letter, Sonia Gandhi expressed her profound connection to Rae Bareli, acknowledging the enduring support and love she has received from its residents.

“The close relationship with Rae Bareli is very old. Our family’s ties with Rae Bareli run very deep. In the first Lok Sabha elections held after independence, you made my father-in-law Shri Feroze Gandhi win from here and sent him to Delhi. After him, you made my mother-in-law Mrs Indira Gandhi your own. From then till now, this series has continued with love and enthusiasm through the ups and downs and difficult paths of life, and our faith in it has become stronger,” Mrs Gandhi wrote. 

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