Ram Temple Chief Acharya Satyendra Das Priest On NCP Leader Jitendra Awhad’s Lord Ram Remark

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“He is speaking demeaning words to insult our Lord Ram.”


In response to Nationalist Congress Party- Sharad Pawar faction leader Jitendra Awhad’s recent statements on Lord Ram, Shri Ram Janambhoomi Teerth Kshetra chief priest, Acharya Satyendra Das, strongly refuted the claims, calling them “completely false.”

Mr Awhad had earlier sparked controversy by asserting that Lord Ram, during his exile, was a non-vegetarian.

In opposition to these statements, Chief Priest Acharya Satyendra Das asserted, “What NCP leader Jitendra Awhad is speaking is completely false. It isn’t written anywhere in our scriptures that Lord Ram had non-vegetarian food during his exile. It’s written that he used to have fruits.”

“Such a liar has no right to insult our Lord Ram. Our God was always vegetarian. He is speaking demeaning words to insult our Lord Ram,” Acharya Satyendra Das stated expressing his disapproval.

Mr Awhad on Wednesday claimed that Lord Ram belonged to the ‘Bahujans’ (people in majority) and was a non-vegetarian, contrary to common belief.

“Ram is ours. Ram belongs to the Bahujans. Ram who hunts and eats is ours, we belong to the Bahujans. When you people go to make us all vegetarian, we follow the ideals of Ram and today we eat mutton. This is the ideal of Ram,” he said while addressing an event in Maharashtra’s Shirdi on Wednesday.

“Ram was not a vegetarian, he was a non-vegetarian,” he added.

Following Mr Awhad’s controversial statement, BJP MLA Ram Kadam filed a complaint against the NCP leader in Mumbai.

“Their mindset is to hurt the sentiments of the Ram bhakts. They can’t make fun of the Hindu religion to gather votes. The fact that Ram mandir has been built has not gown down well with the ‘ghamandi’ alliance,” Ram Kadam said.

The statement by the NCP leader also drew criticism from Hindu seers.

Ayodhya Seer Paramhans Acharya urged the Centre and the Maharashtra government to take strict action those who speak “foul” of Lord Ram and said Awhad’s statements hurt the sentiment of Lord Ram’s devotees.

“The statement given by Jitendra Awhad is contemptuous and hurts the sentiment of Lord Ram devotees. I would urge Maharashtra and the central government to take strict action against people who speak foul of Lord Ram,” he said.

“If strict actions are not taken against him, then I will kill the Jitendra Awhad. I’m giving a warning,” he added.

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