PM Modi’s Scathing Attack On Opposition

  • 2 weeks ago
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New Delhi:

In a scathing attack, Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked the Congress why they are questioning the BJP and its policies when they themselves never took a decision to strengthen India’s economy when in power.

“In 10 years, we brought the country to no. 5¬† and Congress wants to preach about economy,” PM Modi said while addressing the Rajya Sabha.

“That Congress trying to lecture us? Congress allowed separatism and terror to grow for its own purpose, the congress that gave away a large part of the court… did not allow modernisation of army… is now giving us lectures on security,” he added.

In a veiled reference to Congress MP DK Suresh’s ‘separate country for South India’ remark, PM Modi also accused Congress of attempting to create a “north-south divide.”

“The Congress party killed democracy and that party who dissolved elected governments is creating narratives to divide the country. The Congress is aligned with those trying to break the country and is now talking about breaking south,” he said.

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