Planning A Trip To Lakshadweep? Here’s How Much Tickets Cost

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Planning A Trip To Lakshadweep? Here's How Much Tickets Cost

Flying from Delhi to Agatti could take anywhere between 12 to 25 hours (File)

New Delhi:

Lakshadweep has maintained its position as one of the most-searched topics on Google for several days now after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s snorkeling adventures on its beaches and an escalating row with Maldives over remarks made by its ministers on India and the PM.

With the disparaging remarks by Maldivian ministers triggering a massive international row, Indians have cancelled the island nation known for its pristine beaches and ocean resorts, urging travellers to explore Lakshadweep instead.

Searches for travel packages to this island have seen a mammoth surge, travel aggregator platforms like MakeMyTrip, said.

Here’s how you can plan your trip to the Archipelago in the Arabian Sea.

Delhi-Agatti Flights

You can fly to Lakshadweep from Delhi on several airlines, including Air India, SpiceJet, and Indigo. However, you will need a stop in Kochi since it is the only airport with outbound flights to Agatti Airport.

Travel Time

Flying from Delhi to Agatti could take anywhere between 12 to 25 hours, depending on the number of stops en route.

Ticket Fare

According to MakeMyTrip, an Air India flight ticket (one-way) from Delhi to Agatti costs around Rs 12,000. However, this may vary based on travel dates. For cheaper rates, it is advisable to book at least a month in advance.

Offers On Flight Tickets To Lakshadweep

MakeMyTrip is offering discounts of up to 10% through promo codes. This would bring down a Rs 12,000 ticket to around Rs 10,000. But, this is available only on the first flight booking. Apart from this, if tickets are booked for at least three passengers, then an additional discount of Rs 2,500 can be availed through a bonus coupon.

Once in Agatti, it is quite easy to go visit the other islands. There are seaboats and helicopters to take tourists from one island to the other.

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