Nirmala Sitharaman To Present White Paper On UPA Era In Parliament, Focus On UPA Policies As Manmohan Singh Ends Rajya Sabha Tenure

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Focus On UPA Policies As Manmohan Singh Ends Rajya Sabha Tenure: Sources

Nitrmala Sitharaman earlier said the aim “was to draw lessons from the mismanagement of those years”.

New Delhi:

A decade of the UPA government and the 10 years of Narendra Modi government will be analysed today as Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presents a White Paper in the Lok Sabha. The paper will be followed by a discussion in the House. Announcing the White Paper earlier, Ms Sitharaman had said the only objective behind this move “was to draw lessons from the mismanagement of those years”.

Sources say the White Paper will be on multiple sectors – industrial growth, manufacturing, MSME, automobile and services — and comes on a day former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh ends his Rajya Sabha tenure.

The White Paper will question the manner in which the government of the former Prime Minister functioned, sources said, given the emphasis on the alleged policy paralysis in the UPA years.

One of the best-known economists, Manmohan Singh has been widely credited with bringing about liberalization as the finance minister of former Prime Minister Narasimha Rao. The Congress claims the growth figures of the country when he was at the helm is unparalleled.

The White Paper will be a comparative analysis of the UPA and the Modi era and the emphasis of the government is going to be on how Indian economy has turned resilient, how it has withstood shocks from international quarters in the global economic front, sources said.

The paper would also include aspects of the ease of living and inclusive growth. It would also have inputs from the industry.

Sources indicated that the government is undertaking the analysis after hugely positive feedback on the economy from the monetary funds and the various institutions abroad. The consensus is that India is a bright spot amid the global economic doom.

The Congress, meanwhile, presented a “Black Paper” targeting the Centre.

“The government will never say how many people got jobs. They are releasing MGNREGA funds. They are discriminating against states,” Mr Kharge said, slamming the government for perpetually targeting the Congress.

“Despite being in power for 10 years, instead of talking about himself, he only criticises the Congress party. Even today he did not talk about price rise, unemployment and economic inequality?” Mr Kharge said.

“‘Modi Ki Guarantee’ is only to spread LIES!” he added, citing the huge campaign undertaken by the BJP ahead of the Lok Sabha elections due in summer.

This morning, Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised Manmohan Singh for being an “inspiration” to lawmakers, recalling how he came to vote on an issue in a wheelchair. Dr Singh’s contribution as a leader and in the Opposition has been immense, PM Modi said.

“Ideological differences are short lived, but the way Manmohan Singh has guided this House and the country for such a long period, he will be remembered for his contributions during every discussion on our democracy,” he added.

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