Missing UP Man With Disabilities Found, Now 2 Men Claim He’s Their Son

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Missing UP Man With Disabilities Found, Now 2 Men Claim He's Their Son

The investigation is ongoing and the police will take action appropriately.

A large crowd from two villages gathered at a police station in Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh, to support the claims of two men asserting to be the father of a man with disabilities who went missing. The conflicting claims have left the police perplexed.

Rampyare from Kamipur claimed that his son Gaya Prasad, who has disabilities, went missing after visiting his aunt in Khutena on January 22. Later, he received information that his son was at a house in Inayat, approximately 60 km away.

Upon reaching Inayatpur to retrieve his son, Rampyare encountered Bhagwandin, who insisted that ‘Gaya Prasad’ was actually ‘Shivpal,’ his son missing for the past ten years. The dispute between the two parties led to police intervention.

Bhagwandin explained, “He was missing for the last ten years and returned home alone one day. The man who came home has similar marks on the body as my son and he is suffering from epilepsy too. The man didn’t want to go back, and we were convinced that it was my son, Shivpal.”

On the other hand, Rampyare stated, “My son, Gaya Prasad, went to meet his aunt and had gone missing since January 22. When I went to pick my son up, the other party (Bhagwandin) claimed that it was their son and they called the police.”

Rampyare presented the Aadhar Card of the man, Gaya Prasad, as proof to underpin his claim. On the Aadhar, the picture of the man resembles ‘Gaya Prasad’, but Bhagwandin showed an Aadhar Card too to back his claim. However, the photo on the identity card of Shivpal doesn’t resemble the man found in Inayatpur. 

The investigation is ongoing, and Assistant Superintendent of Police Nripendra Kumar stated that action will be taken based on the presented evidence.

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