Karnataka Doctor Fired For Pre-Wedding Shoot In Operation Theatre

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Video: Karnataka Doctor Fired For Pre-Wedding Shoot In Operation Theatre

The pre-wedding photoshoot focused on medical procedures.

A doctor working on a contract basis at a government hospital in Karnataka’s Chitradurga district was sacked after engaging in a pre-wedding photoshoot within the confines of the operation theatre. The incident, captured on video and circulated on social media, sparked outrage and led to swift action by the Karnataka government.

The footage shows Dr Abhishek, identified by authorities, “performing” surgery on a patient while his fiancee assists him in a simulated procedure. The couple is seen using medical instruments and is surrounded by professional lighting equipment. Laughter from camerapersons and technicians adds to the controversial nature of the video.

The photoshoot appears to have revolved around a medical theme, with the video concluding with the “patient” sitting up and laughing after the mock surgery.

Following widespread criticism online, Karnataka’s Health Minister, Dinesh Gundu Rao, ordered Dr Abhishek’s immediate dismissal. The minister emphasized that “government hospitals are meant for serving the public, not for personal engagements” and declared his intolerance for such “indiscipline.”

“A doctor who conducted a pre-wedding shoot in the operation theater of Bharamasagar Government Hospital in Chitradurga has been dismissed from service. Government hospitals exist for the health care of people and not for personal work. I cannot tolerate such indiscipline from doctors,” the minister wrote in a tweet.

The minister further wrote that all contract employees, including doctors and staff performing duties in the health department, should perform their duties as per the government service rules. I have already instructed the concerned doctors and all the staff to be careful so that such abuses do not happen in government hospitals.

“Everyone should focus on performing the duty, knowing that the facilities provided by the government to the government hospitals are for the health care of the common people,” he added.

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