How Instagram Love Triangle Led To Murder Of 20-Year-Old Delhi Man

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How Instagram Love Triangle Led To Murder Of 20-Year-Old Delhi Man

All three accused have been arrested.

New Delhi:

A sensational murder, driven by jealousy and a love triangle, unfolded in the narrow lanes of northeast Delhi’s Bhagirathi Vihar Wednesday night, police said. 

The victim, 20-year-old Mahir from Ghaziabad, worked at a flex printing shop in Delhi’s Paharganj. Mahir found himself entangled in a deadly rivalry with the main accused Arman Khan, 18, over a common acquaintance – a 21-year-old woman who has not been identified by the police yet. Both Mahir and Arman had formed a connection with the woman on Instagram, setting the stage for a tragic confrontation.

The jealousy between the two reached a boiling point when Arman stumbled upon a video call between Mahir and the woman. Enraged, he confronted Mahir, accusing him of interfering in their relationship. Arman, to stop the woman from ever speaking with Mahir, had snatched her phone away.

In a sinister plot, Arman lured Mahir to Bhagirathi Vihar on the pretext of returning the woman’s phone. Accompanied by two other accused – Faisal (21) and Sameer (19) – the three ambushed Mahir, ruthlessly stabbed him to death, and fled the scene, leaving his body by the roadside. 

A distress call later that night led the police to Mahir’s lifeless body on the road, bearing multiple stab wounds to his abdomen. A blood-stained knife was also recovered at the crime scene, police said. 

Delhi Police and its Anti-Auto Theft Squad (AATS) tracked down all three accused and arrested him in connection with the murder. According to the police, Arman is the proprietor of a general store, Faisal works as an LCD TV repairman and Sameer is a scrap dealer. All three accused belong to the Bhagirathi Vihar area where the murder took place. 


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