Farmers Fly Kites To Tackle Drones Carrying Tear Gas Shells

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Clashes with Haryana Police led to injuries on both sides.

New Delhi:

As the ‘Delhi Chalo‘ protest by farmers entered its second day, an unconventional strategy emerged on the ground as protesting farmers flew kites to counter drones employed by the government to drop tear gas canisters on them.

The farmers, primarily from Punjab, have been steadfast in their determination to march towards Delhi, demanding a legal guarantee for the minimum support price (MSP) and other agricultural reforms. The situation at the Shambhu border, near Ambala, turned tense as security personnel fired tear gas shells at the protesters.

The ingenious strategy involves utilising the long strings of kites to entangle the rotors of the drones, potentially causing them to crash.

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Union Agriculture Minister Arjun Munda earlier today appealed to the farmers, stressing the importance of constructive dialogue and urging them to avoid actions that disrupt normal life for the common man. 

Despite the ongoing stalemate between the Centre and farmer leaders, the farmers continued to gather at the Shambhu border, preparing to break through multi-layered barricades. Young farmers mobilised their tractors, ready to dismantle the cemented blocks hindering their progress.

The confrontation intensified as Haryana security personnel deployed tear gas shells to disperse the protesters, prompting the farmers to take precautions. They equipped themselves with water bottles, wet clothes, and even protective gear to minimise the impact of tear gas.

Sarwan Singh Pandher, a prominent farmer leader, criticised the government’s approach, accusing it of prioritising corporate interests over the farmers’ demands. 

“We urge the government to stop all this and ensure a positive atmosphere. We were ready for talks yesterday and we are ready for it even today,” said Mr Pandher.

Foremost among these demands is the enactment of a law guaranteeing an MSP for crops. Other key points of contention revolve around the repeal of the Electricity Act 2020, compensation for farmers killed in Lakhimpur Kheri, and the withdrawal of cases against those involved in the farmers’ movement.

On Tuesday, clashes with Haryana Police led to injuries on both sides, with the police resorting to tear gas and water cannons. 

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