2 Passengers Fight On Vande Bharat Train Over Luggage Space

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Video: 2 Passengers Fight On Vande Bharat Train Over Luggage Space

The video has amassed over 96,000 views and a thousand likes.

The Vande Bharat Express trains have become quite popular since its launch four years ago. Known for its facilities and services, the train has become a hit among those who regularly travel by railways. However, recently, a video of two passengers fighting over luggage space on the train went viral on social media.

The video was shared on X (formerly Twitter) by Ghar Ke Kalesh. In the clip, two men are seen screaming at each other over the lack of luggage space while others sitting in the coach observe the situation. A few seconds later, a woman joins the argument to support one of the two men. Later, a railway police officer is seen stepping in to handle the matter after a few other passengers had attempted to calm them down. It is to be noted that the date and location of the incident is unknown. 

Since being shared, the video has amassed over 96,000 views and a thousand likes. “Kalesh b/w Two Uncle inside Vande bharat train over Bag Spot,” reads the caption of the 54-second footage.

“Be it vande Bharat or any flight we indians everywhere find a reason to engage in a kalesh,” said a user.

“Kalesh = every Indians birth right,” commented a person.

A third said, “This is very Normal in Vande Bharat trains. whenever have travelled i have always found some ppl fight for Bag.”

“A size and weight limit should be imposed in premium trains just like airplanes,” remarked a person.

“Airplanes have become the trains. The trains have become the buses,” said a user.

Meanwhile, the Vande Bharat train is an initiative of the government under PM Modi’s vision of ‘Make in India’. The approximate cost of each train set is around Rs 110 crore. The Semi-High Speed fully indigenous train has a superior aerodynamic design, the highest operational speed, most aesthetic interiors, and state-of-the-art safety features imbibing the latest rail technology.

It has eight coach Chair Car configurations, a stainless steel car body with a seating capacity of 530 passengers with maximum utilization of onboard space. The Executive chair cars of Vande Bharat Express have a seating capacity of 52 each, normal Chair cars have a seating capacity of 78 each and the driving trailer coaches have a seating capacity of 44 each.

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