YouTuber Elvish Yadav Arrested In Snake Venom-Rave Party Case

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Elvish Yadav has several videos featuring snakes on his channel. (FILE)

New Delhi:

Bigg Boss OTT winner Elvish Yadav has been arrested in the snake venom-rave party case. Mr Yadav was called for questioning earlier in the day. He will be presented before a court soon.

A case under the Wildlife Act was registered against him in Noida and five others for arranging snake venom for use as a recreational drug at rave parties last year.

The police had raided a banquet hall on November 3 last year in sector 51 of Noida and arrested five people including four snake charmers and recovered nine snakes and poison. Besides, rave parties, it was alleged, snakes were also used by Mr Yadav for video shoots.

The popular YouTuber has several videos featuring snakes on his channel.

How Was Snake Venom-Rave Party Gang Busted?

After seeing videos of Elvish Yadav,  animal rights group PFA (People For Animals) headed by BJP leader Maneka Gandhi called him up, hiding its name and identity. They asked him to provide snakes and their venom. The 26-year-old allegedly gave the number of one Rahul who asked them to come to the sector 51 banquet. The PFA team found four snake charmers – Jaikaran, Titunath, Narayan and  Ravinath – there with nine snakes, including five cobras and 20 ml of snake poison. A team of Noida Police and Forest Department was called in soon after and everyone was arrested.

Elvish Yadav Denies All Charges

Mr Yadav, who has been questioned by the police in the past, has refuted the charges of involvement in the case. “Baseless, fake and not even 1 per cent true,” he said. Police had earlier said that he was not presented at the party hall and they were probing his role in the whole case. Maneka Gandhi, however, accused Mr Yadav of involvement in illegally selling snake venom and sought his immediate arrest. “He (Elvish Yadav) has escaped for now but his arrest should definitely take place,” Ms Gandhi had told reporters.

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