What Defence Minister Rajnath Singh Said On Media Freedom, Governance

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NDTV Defence Summit: What Rajnath Singh Said On Media Freedom, Governance

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh at the NDTV Defence Summit 2024

New Delhi:

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh acknowledged the role of the media in highlighting shortcomings of the government, which helps in taking corrective steps.

At the ‘NDTV Defence Summit 2024’, Mr Singh said the government and the media are two important parts of society.

“Whenever we come up with a scheme, the media highlights both its merits and demerits. Whenever the media highlights any demerit, this government acknowledges it and tries to rectify it,” Mr Singh said.

He said the media and the government have to catch the pulse of “social consensus”. Giving an example, Mr Singh cited the US government’s view of China as a threat, and how the American media also see China from the same view.

“The government works towards the direction where its people expect it to go,” the Defence Minister said.

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