Top Bangladesh Official To Chief Justice DY Chandrachud

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'Following Indian Supreme Court': Top Bangladesh Official To Chief Justice DY Chandrachud

Appreciating the live streaming of court proceedings, virtual hearing and use of technology at the Supreme Court of India, a top Bangladesh official told Chief Justice DY Chandrachud that they are closely following the Indian Supreme Court.

According to sources, Chief Justice Chandrachud was also told that Bangladesh wants to follow the Indian Supreme Court in these matters.

Chief Justice Chandrachud, speaking at the wo-day conference ‘South Asian Constitutional Courts in the Twenty-First Century: Lessons from Bangladesh and India’, said both India and Bangladesh share the tradition of constitutional and judicial systems largely aiming to ensure stability and both nations recognised their constitutions as “living documents”.

Bangladesh’s apex court judges took part in the conference, which drew many jurists, senior lawyers, and government leaders including Law Minister Anisul Huq.

“Our shared tradition aims to ensure stability, but when stability is desired, the stability must never be confused with stagnation,” Chief Justice Chandrachud said.

“We recognise our constitutions are living documents. The constitutions of Bangladesh and India proclaim that they are ‘given to the people by the people themselves’ as citizens of sovereign nations,” Chief Justice Chandrachud said.

Apart from Chief Justice Chandrachud, Supreme Court judges Justice Aniruddha Bose and Justice Dipankar Dutta were also present during the conference.

Chief Justice Chandrachud said the Indian and Bangladeshi court systems should encourage the enhanced practice of mediation for dispute resolution, discarding “adversarial litigations”.

“Today, we need to ensure that we look into the needs of our society, ensure social growth and social progress by allowing our marginalised groups to come to the mainstream,” said the Chief Justice, explaining how the judge’s role in the post-colonial era was undergoing a change.

In her address, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said her government has made the judiciary totally independent, separating it from the administration by allocating a separate budget for it.

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