PM Narendra Modi To Witness Tri-Services’ Firepower Bharat Shakti Near Pakistan Border In Rajasthan Pokhran Today

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PM Modi To Witness Tri-Services' Firepower Near Pak Border In Rajasthan Today

The integrated tri-service firepower and manoeuvre exercise will be held for about 50 minutes

New Delhi:

Stage is set in the arid terrain of Rajasthan’s Pokhran for the mega exercise ‘Bharat Shakti’ on Tuesday, which will demonstrate the prowess of indigenously manufactured defence equipment of the three services.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will witness the integrated tri-service firepower and manoeuvre exercise that will be held for about 50 minutes. The country’s top military brass will also be present on the occasion.

LCA Tejas, ALH Mk-IV, LCH Prachand, mobile anti-drone system, BMP-II and its variants, NAMICA (Nag Missile Carrier), T90 tanks, Dhanush, K9 Vajra and Pinaka rockets are among the platforms that will be demonstrated.

‘Bharat Shakti’ will demonstrate the prowess of indigenously manufactured defence equipment of the three services, Additional Director General, Army Design Bureau, Major General C S Mann had told reporters here on Saturday.

It will showcase the “shock and awe” impact that the armed forces seek to achieve in an operational situation with manoeuvre and fighting capabilities, he had said.

“Synergised joint operations will be decisive in the Indian context. Through live firepower and manoeuvre demonstration, it is endeavoured to showcase the tri-services’ operational capabilities to counter any threat leveraging indigenous capability and the ability to undertake conflicts in the face of global upheavals,” Major General Mann had earlier said while announcing the details of the exercise.

The first-of-its-kind exercise on such a scale is “not tailored towards any direction (northern or western border) or any adversaries”, sources in the defence establishment said.

The exercise at Pokhran in the Jaisalmer district will also showcase systems and platforms integrated with the use of artificial intelligence (AI).

“It will showcase live integrated multi-domain operations of the three services in offensive operations using indigenous equipment,” as also “high synergy, multi-service, multi-domain capability, thereby demonstrating inter-Service synergy,” an official said.

The event, being conducted at Pokhran, imposes terrain restrictions on depicting naval manoeuvres. However, such equipment will be showcased as part of the static display that will follow the live demonstration.

In this demonstration, “the latest indigenous equipment of all three services…what impact they will have on adversaries, on their physical capabilities and their mental state, the ‘shock and awe’ will be showcased,” he added.

The proceedings will commence with the Army’s Special Forces, MARCOS of the Indian Navy and GARUDS of the Indian Air Force “infiltrating by all-terrain vehicles and slithering operations, while surveillance of the battlefield will be carried out by remotely piloted aircraft and drones. This will be followed by the degradation of targets by long-range vectors and artillery guns,” he said.

The IAF will achieve a “favourable air situation by engaging strategic targets in depth, whereas the Navy will undertake maritime operations for strategic effects,” the senior officer said, some part of the naval segment (happening at sea) of the exercise will be displayed digitally on screen.

Besides firepower and ammunition, logistic capabilities for transporting equipment and evacuation of injured and casualties using the latest technologies will also be demonstrated.

Various types of Radar, UAV-launched precision-guided munition, Quick Reaction Fighting Vehicles, and drones of various types, including logistic drones and swarms of drones, and 3D-printed bunkers will be part of the exercise.

The aspects of India’s cyber and multi-domain operations capabilities are also being dovetailed along with the operations of the three services.

The exercise will also underline India’s growing emphasis on ‘Atmanirbharta’ (self-reliance) in defence.

How individual communication systems of the tri-services are integrated, ‘e-Tarang’ software tool, GIS-related systems, topographical maps, hydrographic charts and air navigation charts with analysis and operational planning capabilities will also be showcased. 

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