In Hema Malini’s Big Praise For Amit Shah, A Bollywood Reference

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In Hema Malini's Big Praise For Amit Shah, A Bollywood Reference

Hema Malini strongly raised the issue of cruelty to animals

New Delhi:

BJP MP Hema Malini on Wednesday recited a Hindi film dialogue to say Amit Shah does what he says and his commitment to justice and welfare was laudable.

“Amit Shah ji jo kehte hain woh karte hain lekin joh nahi kehte hain, zaroor karte hain (Amit Shah does what he says, and definitely does what he does not say),” Hema Malini said reciting a famous dialogue from Akshay Kumar movie Rowdy Rathore.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah introduced three redrafted bills — the Bharatiya Nyaya (Second) Sanhita (BNS), the Bharatiya Nagarik Suraksha (Second) Sanhita (BNSS), and the Bharatiya Sakshya (Second) Bill (BSB) — last week and the Lok Sabha on Tuesday took them up for a debate for their consideration and passage.

Participating in a discussion on the three proposed criminal laws in the Lok Sabha, Hema Malini said the centuries-old laws were irrelevent in the new India and that they were made by the British to protect their colonial regime.

“New India is going in the direction of a developed India,” the BJP MP from Mathura said.

“While Modi ji is taking the country to new heights in the world, Home Minister Amit Shah is working hard to ensure peace, justice, and security,” she said.

Hema Malini strongly raised the issue of cruelty to animals and said that it was still governed by a more than 60 years old law.

“Just like these laws have been brought to protect the rights of citizens and make a crime-free Bharat, in order to protect rights of animals, ensuring justice to them … the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act has to be done away with and replaced by a new law,” she said.

BJP MP Poonam Mahajan concurred with her colleague and called for stricter laws for crimes against animals and bestiality. 

(Except for the headline, this story has not been edited by NDTV staff and is published from a syndicated feed.)

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