First Batch Of Myanmar Nationals Who Entered India Illegally Deported Today, Says Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh

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'Myanmar Nationals Who Entered India Illegally Deported Today': Manipur Chief Minister

Manipur has deported the first batch of Myanmar nationals who entered India illegally


The Manipur government on Friday began deporting Myanmar nationals who had fled a recent surge in fighting between the ruling junta and pro-democracy insurgents in the border region, Chief Minister N Biren Singh said in a post on X, formerly Twitter.

“First batch of Myanmar nationals who entered India illegally deported today,” Mr Singh said, without providing specific numbers.

“Although India is not signatory to the 1951 Refugee Convention, it has given shelter and aid to those fleeing the crisis in Myanmar on humanitarian grounds with a systematic approach,” Mr Singh said.

Thousands of civilians have fled the fighting in Myanmar, crossing into ethnic violence-hit Manipur and neighbouring Mizoram.

Mr Singh posted a video showing the Myanmar nationals, mostly women and children, being sent away from the airport in the state capital Imphal.

The deportation comes a month after the Centre called for an immediate end to a free movement border agreement with Myanmar that allowed residents living in border zones to venture a short distance into their neighbouring nation’s territory without a visa.

India is also erecting a 1,643-km-long fence along the porous border with Myanmar through remote jungles and snow-capped peaks towards Arunachal Pradesh.

The Kuki-Zo tribes in Manipur and Mizoram share ethnic and familial ties with the Chin people in Myanmar. Many of those who have fled to India from Myanmar share ethnic ties with the Kuki-Zo tribes.

Over 200 people have been killed since last May in clashes between the hill-majority Kuki-Zo tribes and the valley-majority Meiteis over serious disagreements on sharing land, resources, political representation, and affirmative action policies.

Parts of Myanmar near the border with India have seen frequent clashes since the Arakan Army insurgents attacked junta forces in November, ending a ceasefire that had largely held since a 2021 military coup.

Hundreds of soldiers were among those who had fled Myanmar and crossed over to India to escape the fighting.

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