Elvish Yadav Called For Questioning By Cops For Assaulting YouTuber

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Elvish Yadav Called For Questioning By Cops For Assaulting YouTuber

Elvish Yadav was filmed thrashing a YouTuber who goes by the screenname Maxtern. (File)

New Delhi:

Gurugram Police has called Bigg Boss OTT 2 winner Elvish Yadav for questioning after he was filmed assaulting a YouTuber. The police said they sent a notice to Mr Yadav and asked him to join the interrogation at Sector 53 Police Station on Tuesday.

The video of Mr Yadav assaulting Sagar Thakur, a YouTuber who goes by the moniker Maxtern, went viral. Mr Thakur, who was injured in the incident on Thursday, filed a police case against Mr Yadav, accusing him of trying to break his spine.

Mr Yadav justified his actions yesterday and said he was set up. In an Instagram video titled “first plan and play victim”, he alleged the YouTuber had threatened to “burn” him and his parents alive.

The viral video showed Mr Yadav beating up Mr Thakur at a garments shop, which was a fallout of a social media clash between the two YouTubers.

Mr Thakur, who creates mostly gaming content, had claimed Elvish Yadav’s fan pages were “spreading hate and propaganda”, which made him distressed, and that Mr Yadav gave him a death threat.

In his video, Mr Yadav said he had invited Mr Thakur to his home on the day of the incident, but he leaked the screenshots of their chat to provoke him. “Maxtern made some statements about my family and threatened to burn me and my family alive. I abused him over this and told him I would come and meet him wherever he was,” he said.

They finally met at a garments shop owned by Maxtern’s friend.

Mr Yadav said he was set up and there were cameras hidden everywhere. He also admitted that he threatened to kill Mr Thakur, but maintained it was said in the “heat of the moment”. He also justified his action saying the comments against his family enraged him.

Elvish Yadav is not new to controversies. He is already in legal trouble over the snake venom-rave party case. He is accused of being involved in the supply and use of snake venom.

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