Electoral Bonds Row Ahead Of Lok Sabha Elections 2024, Experts Discuss Its Impact

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NDTV Battleground: Electoral Bonds Row Ahead Of Polls, Experts Discuss Its Impact

NDTV Battleground discusses the Maharashtra dynamics of Lok Sabha election

New Delhi:

The issue of electoral bonds came up today during a discussion on NDTV with political analysts on the Lok Sabha elections and the political dynamics in Maharashtra.

The political analysts asked whether the issue of electoral bonds would affect voters significantly.

The Supreme Court had struck down the electoral bonds scheme on the grounds that it violated citizens’ right to information.

“Fifty per cent of the funds went to the BJP, and the rest 50 per cent went to other parties. But still, cash is king. I believe 90 per cent of the transactions still happen in cash even today,” political analysts Amitabh Tiwari told NDTV Editor-In-Chief Sanjay Pugalia.

“Many big movements have happened in India against corruption. Voters these days know a lot. They read news, see television. They will take an informed decision,” Mr Tiwari said.

Political analyst Maneesha Priyam said whether the issue of electoral bonds would be labelled as “corruption” would be known in due time. “A referendum from voters will come. Would this be called corruption? It remains to be seen,” Ms Priyam said.

The Supreme Court today directed the State Bank of India (SBI) to disclose all details related to electoral bonds that allowed individuals and companies to make donations to political parties. This must include the “serial number” of each bond, said a five-judge Bench headed by Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud.

The court directed the SBI chairman to file an affidavit by 5 pm on Thursday, stating it has not suppressed any details. It also told the Election Commission to upload the details once they get it from SBI.

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