BJP Workers Greet Rahul Gandhi’s Yatra With ‘Modi-Modi’ Chant, He Does This

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BJP Workers Greet Rahul Gandhi's Yatra With 'Modi-Modi' Chant, He Does This

A BJP leader said he presented potatoes to Mr Gandhi.


Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra witnessed a surprise encounter at Shajapur city of Madhya Pradesh on Tuesday when BJP supporters shouted “Modi-Modi” as his convoy passed through the area.

The Congress leader halted the procession to engage with the chanting BJP workers, even blowing a kiss in response.

The yatra, which entered BJP-ruled Madhya Pradesh on Saturday, encountered a group of BJP supporters led by corporator Mukesh Dubey.

Mr Gandhi, upon spotting the group, paused the convoy to interact with them, exchanging greetings and handshakes as the BJP workers shouted “Jai Shri Ram”.

Following the brief exchange, Mr Gandhi returned to his vehicle, waving and blowing a kiss before continuing the journey.

Speaking to PTI afterwards, BJP corporator Dubey mentioned Mr Gandhi’s gesture in response to their slogans, stating he welcomed the Congress leader and even presented potatoes to him. “I told Mr Gandhi that you are welcome,” he said.

The potatoes are a reference to an old video in which, according to some BJP leaders, Mr Gandhi had spoken about converting potatoes to gold. Many fact-checking websites had, however, said the clip was taken out of context and the full video showed that the Congress leader was taking a dig at the BJP using that line.

The yatra proceeded to Ujjain later in the day.

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