At Chennai Airport, PM Modi Shares “Special Interaction” With BJP Worker

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At Chennai Airport, PM Modi's 'Special Interaction' With BJP Worker

PM Modi on Monday praised a BJP worker who came to welcome him at the Chennai airport.


 Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday praised a BJP worker who came to welcome him at the Chennai airport.

Calling his conversation with the BJP worker a “special interaction” the Prime Minister mentioned that the BJP worker had told him about the birth of his twins but he had not met them yet. PM Modi was impressed by the devotion of the BJP worker.

In a post on X, PM Modi said, “A very special interaction! At Chennai airport, one of our Karyakartas, Aswanth Pijai Ji was there to welcome me. He told me that his wife had just given birth to twins but he hadn’t met them yet. I told him he shouldn’t have come here and also conveyed my blessings to him and his family.”

“It is heartening to see that our party has such dedicated and devoted Karyakartas. Seeing such love and affection from our karyakartas makes me emotional,” he added.

Earlier today, the Prime Minister said that many people in the state get upset whenever he is about to visit Tamil Nadu.

“Your love for me is very old but in recent years, whenever I visit Tamil Nadu, many people get stomach aches. They are having a problem because the BJP’s popularity is continuously increasing here,” he said.

“Every time I come to Chennai, I feel energised by the people. It is great to be here in this city, which is full of life. Chennai is also a great hub of talent, trade and tradition. In our mission to build a developed India, the people of Chennai will play a very important role,” he added.

Earlier in the day, Prime Minister inaugurated and laid foundation stone for multiple development projects worth more than Rs 56,000 crores in Adilabad, Telangana.

Addressing the gathering, the Prime Minister said that the land of Adilabad is becoming a witness to development projects related not only to Telangana but to the entire country as more than 30 development projects worth more than Rs 56,000 crores are either being dedicated to the nation or their foundation stones are being laid today.

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