Amit Shah Slams Rahul Gandhi Over Hafta Vasooli Jibe On Electoral Bonds

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Amit Shah Slams Rahul Gandhi Over 'Hafta Vasooli' Jibe On Electoral Bonds

Amit Shah stated that there should be reforms regarding the electoral bonds, rather than scrapping it.

New Delhi:

Responding to Rahul Gandhi’s reference to electoral bonds as ‘hafta vasooli‘, Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Wednesday said that the Congress leader needs to clarify where he obtained Rs 1,600 crore from.

“Gandhi also received Rs 1,600 crore. He should clarify where he got that ‘hafta vasooli‘ from.¬†We assert that it’s a transparent donation, but if he labels it as vasooli, he should provide details,” Mr Shah said in a video posted on his X account.

When asked if the BJP would disclose their donor list like other parties, Mr Shah responded, “I assure you, once the details are out, the INDIA alliance will find it hard to face the public.”

“Electoral bonds were introduced to end the domination of black money in Indian politics, they were brought to eradicate black money. Now the scheme has been scrapped and I fear the return of black money,” Mr Shah said.

He further stated that there should be reforms regarding the electoral bonds, rather than scrapping it.

“I believe that rather than scrapping it, there should be reforms, but it does not hold any significance, as the top court has given its verdict and I respect that,” he added.

“But my personal opinion is that bonds had almost ended black money in politics. This is why the entire INDIA bloc, led by Rahul Gandhi, was against the bonds and they wanted the old system of cut money to rule over politics once again,” the senior BJP leader stated.

The Electoral Bond Scheme was a way for political parties in India to get money without revealing the donor’s identity. But, the Supreme Court, in a ruling in February, struck down the scheme and ordered the State Bank of India (SBI) to stop issuing electoral bonds immediately.

In compliance with a directive from the Supreme Court, the Election Commission of India (ECI) recently uploaded data on electoral bonds on its official website. The SBI had supplied the information, which includes details about these electoral bonds.

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